Hashers...are you stuck for something to wear?...are you after this years "must have" accessories? 


Straight from the catwalks of Al Wakra, the Nightcrawlers Hashberdashery has pulled together a stylish collection of stuff to make you look your best while sweating your ass off in the 50C heat!

From key chains to coozies, from T-shirts to polo shirts we have them all (well some of them anyway) - so dig deep and support your local hash

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise.....

Stylish Beer Koozie - 20QR  (Limited Stock)

Nightcrawlers Patch (& Beer Mat!) - 20QR

Keychain/Bottle Opener - 20QR  (Limited Stock)

££  Special Deal  ££

Buy any 3 of our fabulous accessories for 50QR...
that's right you save 10QR - 3 for 50QR, you couldn't get a better deal even from Del Boy and Rodney!

So get yourself down to the hash and grab a bargain, just throw your money at either Blind Date(Hash Cash) or Balders and you will be the most stylish hasher in Qatar!

The  Nightcrawlers Clothing Range

Listen, we've all got bills to pay. There's your rent and kahramaa, and your monthly trip to the QDC, then there's your data usage bill from Ooredoo after an ill-advised attempt to stream Netflix whilst roaming somewhere in Asia. But sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself - and what better way than with a new hash T-Shirt or Polo?

We are running low on stocks of our current batch but will be ordering in several more stylish polo's and T's in the coming weeks, keep an eye on this page for ordering info...but feast your eyes below on some of our past fashion extravaganza's!

Left to Right: "I got busted on the red dress run", our classic "Nightcrawlers 69" shirt, "Qatar Ale" pub crawl, 2015 Bahrain Interhash polo, a Christmas one, "Simple Black and Elegant" T and finally "Lunartics on Tour" T shirt