special events

Here you will find a list of forthcoming social and away events including other hashes, brunches, BBQs and beach trips to name a few....we are nothing if not a social group with a running problem!

If  you want to advertise your own forthcoming event then email bravetart@dnh3.com with the details and we will add it into the calendar 

JUNE 2019

Friday, June 14th - Bravetart, Cock Shock and Cocky Tart's leaving brunch, Bubblicious at the Westin Hotel

Thursday, June 20th - Nightcrawlers Run 128 from Dildo Plantations

Friday, June 21st - Beach Day

Monday, June 24th - Pub Quiz,Radisson Blu Hotel

Friday, June 28th - Possible Beach Day (Sizzle Baby!)


c. Thursday, 18th July - Nightcrawlers Run 129 from Baldrick's Pad

July 29th - Pub Quiz, Radisson Blu Hotel


Culturally Unacceptable Nightcrawlers Tour in Essen, Deutschland.

3 days of beer and running in Germany. A great occasion to be reunited with the lucky ones who have left Qatar.


No planned events yet  

Future 2019 events

QBBF Poppy Ball, St Regis Hotel (Thursday evening, around 14th November)