about our hash

The Nightcrawlers started hashing around the streets of Doha in 2010, with the founders Queenie (Phil Davies) and Baldrick (Alan Holden) leading the way. The number of runners has been pretty steady over the years as some people leave and others arrive.

We have a good mix of people from many different countries, cultures, age groups, genders and backgrounds. Some have been hashing for years...whilst others are brand  new to the hash. About half the group run the trail, whilst the sane ones take a more leisurely evening stroll.

A normal hashy evening

Hashers starts drifting into the hash venue around 15-20 minutes before the start time (which is usually 7.30pm). We have a short social time to say hello and grab a beverage until everyone has arrived before the run is called. Then we go running!

Earlier in the evening a volunteer (or two) – known for that evening as "the hare(s)" – sets a trail of flour with twists, turns and dead ends which the pack of runners have to successfully follow, a trail is normally anywhere between 4km-8km. The hares will give a short introduction to all the flour symbols used (e.g. a circle with an X in it is a dead end)...but it is easy to pick up....unless the street cleaners have dusted the flour away already.

Not everyone can run though and we have a number of avid walkers….a shorter trail at a more sensible pace!

The run ends with the "On-In" which means the destination has been reached, usually back at the starting venue. Once the run is over there is some food provided and everyone tucks in. 

Once fed the GM or RA will call the circle, we circle up and then welcome new people, give hash names to those without, call out those who have committed a crime against stupidity or broken a hash law (like not wearing a hash shirt on the hash) and generally have some fun....then just enjoy a few more of your beverages until the night ends.

What do I need to join the hash

- directions to the hash (and ideally a contact number)
- shorts, top, trainers & a towel, etc.
- some of your favourite beverages in a cool box with ice
- 30QR for hash fees (covers some food/water)
- a sense of humour and a good looking friend!

That's it - other than that just come along and join in the fun., we hope to see you soon.