Queen of England

Grand Master (GM): Queen of England, a.k.a. Queenie (Phil Davies)

The pack is misled by her Royal Majesty the Queen of England, in line with the general tradition of minimum organisation. However, this is a fa├žade, there is indeed much that has to be organised when it comes to "reigning" in the monthly chaos and planning special events. The GM runs the circle, miscommunicates with other kennels, calls periodic meetings and bails the hash out of trouble at times (or gets them into it). But...the real job of GM is to pry fun money out of Hash Cash, who keeps it tucked underneath her mattress guarded by a ferocious hull city supporter.

Contact by email: queenie@dnh3.com

Religious Advisor (RA): Bravetart (Jim Speirs)

Bravetart runs the circle, he is the arbiter of hash tradition and master of ceremonies at the on-in. When in the circle, the RA is always right, even when wrong. When not presiding over the circle, the RA is responsible to ensure that deserving thirsts are quenched (usually involving some form of alcoholic alchemy) and that all crimes are suitably punished

Contact by email: bravetart@dnh3.com

Hare Raiser: Dildo Dan (Dan Smith)

Whilst the trail itself is marked by different volunteer hares each hash, the Hare Raiser keeps track of upcoming hashes and encourages 'volunteers' to hare based on experience, matching new hares with a more experienced one (or just dropping them in it!). Each hasher is expected to set a hash periodically. Trails should change geographical locations regularly to avoid overlapping (crossing) previous trails.

Contact by email: dildodan@dnh3.com

Curate/Co-founder: Baldrick 2 Dogs a.k.a. Balders  (Alan Holden)

Alongside being a co-founder, Balders holds the little known title of Curate...as in "If its broke, I'll cure-it" and is something of a Jack-of-all-trades in the hash. He can be found supporting any of the other roles from procuring stuff, serving beer and chasing up hares to running the circle or organising events...always with a beer in hand though!

Contact by email: balders@dnh3.com

Hash Cash: Lynda Loose-Arse-Hull -  abbr. LLAH (Lynda Galloway)

LLAH is our treasurer, ruthlessly extracting Hash fees with the help of her enforcer, a rare breed of Hull Tiger. She pays the Beer Bitch, Haberdasher as well as reimbursement for the food or refreshments used at the hash (when presented with a valid receipt of course). Hash Cash is responsible for looking after the hash fund and thwarting the GM's attempts to bust the bank buying beer. Legend surrounds the location of the fabled Nightcrawlers vault, rumoured to contain an amassed fortune....

Contact by email: lynda-lah@dnh3.com

Beer Bitch: Cheesy Lollipop

Cheesy Lollipop buys (sometimes) and pours the beer during the circle helping the RA. Take this position, and you will be the most loved person in the hash....who is not completely grateful to the person who gives them free beer?

...but of all beers... Guinness...really!!!

Contact by email: cheesy.lollipop@dnh3.com

Hash Flash: Pornographer (Gayatri Chamling)

Pornographer is always armed with her trusty camera and takes pictures of the Hashers during their ordeal, and then uploads them onto the website and/or Facebook. Just remember who it was who had the camera when THAT picture was taken of you during the hash...revenge is sweet...

Contact by email: pornographer@dnh3.com

Haberdasher: Baldrick 2 Dogs a.k.a. Balders  (Alan Holden)

Balders is also in charge of buying items the Hash or mismanagement has approved to purchase (such as shirts, shorts, key chains, stickers, etc.) and any other odd haberdashery and bring them to the Hash. He is also charged with keeping an accurate inventory of stock but most importantly sell as much as possible at the highest prices to the biggest suckers!

Contact by email: balders@dnh3.com

Web Meister: Bravetart (Jim Speirs)

Bravetart is responsible for the design and technical aspects of this website but OTHER people have to keep it updated each month. It should have the information on the next Hash...hopefully A WEEK before the Hash. The website also contains information about other Hashes and events that are going on as well so keep visiting. Oh...and our songs are also on the website for people to learn and sing at the Hash - no excuses anymore!

Contact by email: bravetart@dnh3.com